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Entry #1

Through Tragedy - Gimme Sympathy

2010-12-04 13:45:11 by Openwounds

My band, Though Tragedy, has entered a contest held by the band "Metric"
to remix their music! As such we have produced our version of their song
using a few of their original tracks in the mix.

We are a metalcore//metal band from Calgary, Canada... and as much as some
individuals appreciate that we are putting our style into the submission- many
are bitter and leaving rude comments! This only fuels the fire and drives us to
continue what we are doing!

Please, give our track a listen! If you like it - or even just feel like we've done
a good job at doing what we do.. send us a vote! Here are the links

Our Submission: /show/35563

Our Website:

Our Myspace:

My email!

Thanks for your support!


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