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Aspects 2.0 Aspects 2.0

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Just a quick review - I like the melodies, tones, and general composition.
Drums need to come up in the mix by a db. Not just the kick. The snare is somewhat
lacking though - could be replaced with a more accurate snare sound. The kick could use some top end eq'd into it.

As per the drum part changes at - I like the first change(1:29 and 3:29) but the second change (1:44 and 3:44) along with the effect you added seemed a little obnoxious. That's just personal opinion though.

TheGreatKhalem responds:

I have an updated version that I'll be posting soon.
and the snare is lacking/unfit? I thought it was perfect for this song,
I'll play around with some other sounds to see if it will work.
Thanks d00d, much love<3

Obsidian Komplete Obsidian Komplete

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Sounds fuckin awesome man. One tip I can give you - pan your guitars a little harder so that the leads are clearer. Particularly at the beginning. I want to know whats going on with each guitar individually but they seem to blend together. If you do that and feel like the rhythm needs to sound more full - what I've been doing is doubling the rhythm (Not just copying it but recording it twice) and putting the doubled part in the center rather then panned. If it's a little too loud you can record it fully palm muted and it just fills out the section a little better.

The only other comment I have is that it's short. This is an epic track! Keep it goin for another verse! Maybe a break down right where it currently ends and then back into the lead riff?

Again - these are only suggestions.. I think it sounds awesome.

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adilovemetal responds:

I did the same thing. I recorded the guitars 4 times. Panned hard and panned 70% I think I have to pan all of them hard :)
And yes, its just a demo ;) Stay tuned. And thank you for the feedback I appreciate it